Swiss Cancer Research grant to Dr. Luciano Cascione

news on 30 Jul , 2019
Dr. Luciano Cascione, head of Bioinformatics Core Unit at the Institute of Oncology Research and at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), has received a research grant by the Swiss Cancer Research to study an enigmatic and interesting class of non-coding RNA called ultra-conserved regions (UCRs) in B-cell lymphomas. UCRs are 100% identical (fully conserved) across human and rodent genomes s...

Members of the Foundation IOR at ICML Highlights China

news on 29 Jul , 2019
Prof. Franco Cavalli was joined by Dr. Davide Rossi and Dr. Emanuele Zucca at this year's ICML Highlights in China. The 5th Shanghai International Forum of Lymphoid Malignancy, which took place on 29th – 30th June 2019, is an important event for the international exchange in the field of lymphoma and myeloma.

A Swiss Cancer Research grant to Prof. Francesco Bertoni

news on 22 Jul , 2019
Prof. Francesco Bertoni has received a three-years financial support to study the mechanism of resistance to the combination of copanlisib and venetoclax in marginal zone lymphomas. The project, with PD Anastasios Stathis and Prof. Andrea Alimonti as co-applicants, follows the design of the phase I study SAKK 66/18 (NCT03886649). The trial has indeed just opened the recruitment and is based on Pro...

New review article from Catapano and Carbone groups

news on 2 Jul , 2019
New review article from Catapano and Carbone groups focusing on transcriptional reprogramming in cancer stem cells. In this article, the authors evaluate the role of prostate cancer stem cells in disease progression and treatment resistance and the impact of transcriptional regulators on stemness-associated phenotypic reprogramming. Recent progress in this area supports the possibility of interfe...

15-ICML International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma

news on 30 Jun , 2019
Take a look at the healthbook 15-ICML Newsroom featuring video interviews with renowned experts in the fields of haematology/oncology and a selection of clinically relevant study highlights of the 15th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma(15-ICML).