Gaudio Eugenio, PhD

Research associate

Phone: 091 820 0388
Email: eugenio -dot- gaudio -at- ior -dot- usi -dot- ch

Eugenio born in Italy (Cosenza 1976) is married to Sandra and father of Joshua and Jenny. He got a Master in Biological Sciences from the University of Calabria (2003) and a PhD in  “Molecular Oncology, Experimental Immunology and Development of Innovative Therapies” from the University of Catanzaro (2009). Eugenio spent seven years at the Ohio State University as researcher in the group of professor Carlo Croce and studied proteins such as WWOX, FHIT and TCL1A. Eugenio is interested in drug discovery of inhibitors of new target of therapy, chemical synthesis of new drugs with anti-cancer activity. Eugenio designed a new  small molecule, EG-011, with very promising profile of  both in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer activity. In 2018, EG-011 has been patented by the Institute of Oncology Research and both Eugenio Gaudio and Francesco Bertoni have been listed as inventors.