Theurillat Jean-Philippe, MD, Group Leader

Group Leader

Phone: 091 821 0075
Email: jean-philippe -dot- theurillat -at- ior -dot- usi -dot- ch

My research focuses on how recently identified cancer driver mutations promote tumor growth. In prostate cancer, we discovered a genetically defined subclass of tumors characterized by point-mutations in SPOP (a substrate-binding subunit of a Cullin-based E3 ubiquitin ligase) and deletions in CHD1 (a chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein). Using systematic functional approaches we aim to decipher their precise roles in tumorigenesis with the ultimate goal to develop new therapeutic avenues for this subtype of the disease. Additionally, I’m devoted to develop strategies that enable us to test drug responses on patient-derived tumor cells in a clinical context.


Since 2019 Associate Professor USI (Lugano). 2014-2018 SNSF Professor USI (Lugano) and UNIL (Lausanne). 2011-2014 Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard and Dana Faber Cancer Institute (Cambridge and Boston, USA), Garraway Laboratory, Research Scientist. 2008-2011 Swiss Institute of Technology (Zurich), Krek Laboratory, Postdoctoral Fellow. 2007 Board Certificate in Surgical Pathology. 2000-2008 Clinical training in Surgical Pathology, Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine (Zurich and Lausanne). 1999 MD Degree, University of Zurich (Switzerland).