Ajinkya Revandkar awarded PhD

news on 8 Feb , 2018

Ajinkya Revandkar successfully defended his PhD thesis, which was presented at the University of Lausanne UNIL on February 8th, 2018. His thesis title was “Characterization of NOTCH signalling pathway in PTEN-deficient prostate tumorigenesis” which summarizes the results of molecular mechanisms that trigger NOTCH pathway activation upon loss of PTEN thereby driving prostate cancer progression, carried out at the Molecular Oncology unit directed by Prof. Andrea Alimonti at the Institute of Oncology Research, in Bellinzona, (CH).  This work was published in the journal Nature Communications for which he was awarded “7° Giornata della Ricerca – Premio miglior Pubblicazione minore di 35 anni” from EOC CTU, Ticino, Switzerland.

His PhD committee was composed by Prof.Fabio Martinon, Associate Professor of the University of Lausanne UNIL, Prof. Andrea Alimonti of the Institute of Oncology Research, in Bellinzona, (CH), while his external examiners were Prof. Arkaitz Carracedo from the Basque Foundation for Science Ikerbaque, Bilbao, Spain, and Prof. Fabio Grassi from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, in Bellinzona (CH).

Ajinkya received the “PhD in Cancer and Immunology” at the University of Lausanne UNIL.