IOR receives important funding from SNSF to advance its prostate cancer research efforts

Dr. Giuseppina M. Carbone, Prostate Cancer Biology Group, receives a 4-year grant of 700’000 CHF from Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to study a transcription factor that acts as tumor suppressor to prevent development of aggressive prostate tumors in men.

Dr. Carbone has a longstanding record of accomplishment in investigating the role of ETS transcription factors in prostate cancer. In past years, Dr. Carbone has achieved major breakthroughs in identifying and demonstrating the tumor suppressive function of the ETS factor ESE3/EHF in prostate cancer. The newly funded project will continue the effort toward a comprehensive understanding of the role of this transcription factor in maintaining epithelial cell differentiation and blocking tumorigenesis by employing a multi-omics approach and multiple experimental models. This project is expected to provide important new insights with a high potential to impact on clinical management of prostate cancer patients.

Title of Project: The ETS transcription factor ESE3/EHF as a regulator of prostate epithelial cell differentiation and stem cell properties