Combinatorial nanomedicines for precision therapy of prostate cancer at the IOR – New grant awarded to Prof. Carlo Catapano

New grant awarded to the Tumor Biology and Experimental Therapeutics Group headed by the IOR Director Prof. Carlo Catapano (

The project Nanoparticle-based delivery and combinatorial therapies for cancer funded by SNSF in the context of the European COST action on Cancer Nanomedicine (CA17140) aims at developing new nanoparticle-based medicine for precision therapy of advanced prostate cancer.

The project involves scientific partners in Turkey (Prof. Rana Sanyal, Department of Chemistry, Center for Life Sciences and Technologies Bogazici University, Istanbul, and in France (Maria Eugenia Riveiro, CSO Early Drug Development Group,

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Project: SNSF_COST IZCOZ0_189862

Project Title: Nanoparticle-based delivery and combinatorial therapies for cancer

There has been considerable advances in the fight against cancer. However, treatment of patients with advanced metastatic cancer is still a clinical unmet need. In the case of metastatic prostate cancer, it is important to expand the currently limited treatment options to improve the chances of disease control and long-term survival of the affected people. We have shown that combinations of multiple anticancer drugs targeting distinct cell populations of tumor cells have a highly synergic effect in experimental models of prostate cancer. This project aims at developing nanoparticle-based micellar systems for systemic delivery of the synergic drug combinations to prostate tumors. This approach aims at improving treatment efficacy and limiting toxicity by avoiding exposure of non-target tissues.

More information on the COST action CA17140- Cancer Nanomedicine: from the bench to the bedside can be found at