Director’s foreword

carlo-catapanoDear Visitor,

In the last decades, we have witnessed considerable advances in our ability to investigate the genetic basis of cancer and understand the molecular alterations present in specific types of tumors. A major challenge remains in the ability to translate this knowledge in novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that could have a significant impact on the survival of cancer patients. Moreover, the identification of specific molecular and genetic alterations implicated in cancer pathogenesis and progression is fostering the development of molecular-targeted therapies, with the hope that these could be more effective and less toxic than current treatment modalities.

An important advantage of establishing our Laboratory within the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland (IOSI) is the opportunity for close integration and coordination between basic laboratory and clinical research. This is critical to perform preclinical and translational studies to identify novel therapeutic targets and preclinical and clinical trials to validate new treatment strategies with the use of state-of- the-art methodologies. The ultimate goal of these activities is the rapid advancement of the knowledge on suitable molecular targets and novel cancer therapeutic agents.

As a young and dynamic group of investigators, we take pride in making our contribution to cancer research and would like to share our enthusiasm with you. I hope that this website will give you a taste of the research that is ongoing in our Laboratory.

Carlo Catapano MD, PhD
Director, IOR