Lymphoma Genomics



.Francesco Bertoni, MD, Group Leader
Afua Mensah, PhD
Alberto Arribas Carmena, PhD
Chiara Tarantelli, PhD
Eugenio Gaudio, PhD
Filippo Spriano, PhD student
Giulio Sartori, PhD
Lorenzo Scalise, MS student
Luciano Cascione, PhD
Sara Napoli, PhD
Valdemar Priebe, PhD


Research areas of our group are the development of new drugs against lymphoma and lymphoma genomics. Accordingly, we apply genomics techniques followed by bioinformatic and functional studies to elucidate the lesions underlying lymphomas and to identify new genes and new potential therapeutic targets. Since the ultimate goal of our research is the improvement of patients outcome, to obtain new and active anti-lymphoma drugs we work in strict collaboration with pharmaceuticals companies in testing novel compounds but we also develop our anti-cancer molecules. The strict connection with the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland (IOSI) running clinical trials dedicated to lymphoma patients allows the development of new drugs from pre-clinical to clinical settings. We also perform molecular follow-up studies for national lymphoma clinical trials (SAKK).

Current projects

  • Genetic and epigenetic landscape of marginal zone lymphomas,
  • Functional characterization of ETS1 and FLI1 in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas,
  • Development of new anti-lymphoma compounds and identification of biomarkers.