Lecture course 2021-2022

The Lecture Series of the PhD program is made possible thought the generosity of Helsinn Healthcare SA

IOR PhD Program 2021-2022

  • Friday, September 24, 2021 (Hybrid Lecture) “Circulating markers in the plasma of CRPC patients: challenges and opportunities” Prof. Francesca Demichelis, University of Trento (IT)
    !!! Please note that the event will take place at the Hotel Internazionale, Bellinzona
  • Friday, September 17, 2021 (Virtual Lecture) “Molecular Control of Germinal Center B-Cell Lymphomagenesis” Prof. Ulf Klein, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds (UK)

NOTE: The lecture of Prof. Francesca Demichelis, Università di Trento (IT), originally planned for May 28, has been postponed to Friday 24 September at 12:00

Please be aware that access to the IRB conference room is limited due to the pandemic plan and subject to registration. For registration please contact sarah.ortelli@ior.usi.ch