Lymphoma and Genomics Research Program

Program Head: Francesco Bertoni, MD

The mission of the Lymphoma and Genomics Research Program is to pursue research bridging basic and clinical aspects of the genesis, progression, prognosis, and treatment of Lymphoma.

Research focuses on molecular and genomic determinants of cancer predisposition, tumor development and metastasis, the nature of therapeutic targets and the basis for their response to therapy. It draws from fundamental mechanisms of cell and tissue development, animal models of the disease, and clinical samples and studies.

Drug development

Bertoni Group - Lymphoma and Genomics

  • Genomic and epigenetic alterations in marginal zone lymphomas.
  • Genomic alterations in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas.
  • Genomic and epigenetic alterations in Richter's syndrome.
  • Genomic alterations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
  • Genomic and epigenetic alterations in immunodeficiency-related lymphomas.

Genomics Facility

  • Genome-wide expression profiling,
  • Microarray-based DNA copy number and LOH analysis,
  • DNA and RNA deep-sequencing analysis.

Bioinformatics Core

  • Consultation on bioinformatics methods and resources for high-throughput genomics technologies,
  • Data analysis of genomics and transcriptomics datasets.