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New grant: Deregulated ETS Transcriptional Network and Clinical Implications for Prostate Cancer Progression
PUBLISHED: Genome-wide DNA profiling identifies a new tumor suppressor gene in anaplastic large cell lymphomas
PUBLISHED: RNAi-mediated silencing of Myc transcription inhibits stem-like cell maintenance and tumorigenicity in prostate cancer
PUBLISHED: Genome-wide promoter methylation profiling of Richter syndrome
New study provides a mechanistic link between inflammation and prostate cancer progression and suggests tools for prostate cancer patient stratification and design of context-dependent strategies
Save the date! Open day of the IOR on May 25, 2013.
New article: SNP array detects large genomic aberrations that can predict the outcome of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients with normal FISH
New article: Integrated mutational and cytogenetic analysis identifies new prognostic subgroups in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Contributo federale di 2,7 milioni di franchi all’Istituto Oncologico di Ricerca
New article: The coding genome of splenic marginal zone lymphoma
A new diagnostic tool for ALK-negative ALCL patients
MYD88 mutations in MALT lymphomas
Calendar EOC/IOSI conferenze formative 2012/2013
Aberrant expression of the neuronal-specific protein DCDC2 promotes malignant phenotypes and is associated with prostate cancer progression
"Lo scienziato? È un imprenditore" - Intervista con Andrea Alimonti
ETS transcription factor identified that plays a key role in prostate tumours
La nuova sfida al tumore è far invecchiare le cellule (La Regione, 27 marzo 2012)
New grant awarded to the Prostate Cancer Biology Group
New Study Links the Expression of the Epigenetic Effector UHRF1 with Prostate Cancer Progression
ESMO Translational Research Unit (TRU) visit 2011
Welcome to Parvaneh Nikpour, Modjtaba Emadi-Baygi, and Abdullah Alajati.
Welcome to Jing-jing, Madhuri, Ajinkya and Zhi-Ming
Giornata delle porte aperte allo IOSI
Dr. Andrea Alimonti wins CHF 250'000 Swiss Bridge award
Welcome to Paola Bonetti and Andrea Alimonti
New IOSI publication: Small RNA controls transcription
Genomic features identified associated with outcome of lymphoma
New publication in BMC Bioinformatics
New IOSI study uncovers epigenetic role of ETS transcription factors
Race against cancer (28 august 2010)
Domenico got his PhD. Congratulations!
New grant to study Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphomas
Welcome to Monica, Valentina and Laura
New grant to study Richter's syndrome
"The Cell Tamer", Dr. Catapano at SCIENCEsuisse
Welcome to Hui-Lai Zhang!
New lab member: Anastasia
New paper on ESE3
New grant to study ESE3 in prostate cancer
Donation to the lab from the Rabadan Society
New grant to study marginal zone B-cell lymphomas
A commentary on bendamustine
A review on mantle cell lymphoma
Chromosomal instability in gastric MALT lymphomas
A virtual tissue bank for PCNSL
Large study on PCNSL accepted for publication
MicroRNAs and MYC in mantle cell lymphomas
New article out on a new CDK inhibitor in diffuse large B cell lymphomas
New article out on Chlamydia psittaci in orbital lymphomas
Paper on composite lymphomas
A new paper on composite lymphomas
New paper on chromosome 13q deletion in multiple myeloma
Oncosuisse grants to IOSI
Affymetrix Human Mapping 500k SNP arrays, now available at IOSI
New paper on multiple myeloma cell lines
IOSI is an Affymetrix Service Provider